3 Ways to Learn Korean While On The Go

One problem I’ve noticed myself and a lot of my online friends run into is time. There never seems to be enough time in the 24 hours that we have every day to learn Korean.  So I’m here to share my way of getting over that obstacle and making time for learning Korean magically appear!


  1. Books. Like I said in my last post, “How Kdramas Have Inspired Me…“, I have been using two books that are free to download online: Korean From Zero and My Korean 1. You can save both on your phone, on iBooks if you have an iPhone, and carry it around wherever you go. The chapters are short, each one’s about 5 pages. And here is where our addiction to our smartphones come in handy…Say for instance you’re eating, taking the bus home, or even sitting on the toilet (we’ve all done it at least once in our lives), use that time to multitask and open up your book. It doesn’t take long to read through one chapter and it’s not forcing you to sacrifice sleep just to read a chapter.KoreanFz2-books my-korean1-2nd-ed-cover
  2. Youtube. Another way I like to learn Korean is through Youtube videos! They’re fun to watch and it’s a nice break from reading. Many of you already know Korean Unnie, who makes fun short videos on vocabulary :) Other nice Youtubers that I’ve found to be helpful are Talk to Me In Korean (an extension to their website, good for learning vocab), FluentKorean (good for learning the basics of speaking and writing), and ChoNunMigookSaram (fun videos that show you what life is like in Korea). The cool thing about watching videos to learn Korean is that the Youtubers can help answer any questions you have in the comments! I highly recommend checking out the channels that I listed. If you want more recommendations, just leave a comment below or message me on Tumblr @ koreandramaddict ^_^ YouTube
  3. Apps. Sometimes we’re on our phones just scrolling through social media, not really paying attention to what we’re looking at. Take advantage of these moments to use an app and learn instead of just mindlessly scrolling. My favorite app is called Kdrama Talk, it has a long list of terms that are commonly used in Korean dramas, so for all my kdrama fans out there you’ll love this app. When you click on a word, it pronounces it for you and it has adorable graphics to go along with it. You can create a conversation to work on your language skills. There’s also mini-games and quizzes to test your knowledge and see how far you’ve come. I think this app is only available for Apple products. Another app that’s helpful and easy to use is 24 Hours Learn Korean. This one’s available on both Android and Apple products! It’s very straightforward and to the point, and each lesson also comes with audio so you can listen to the pronunciation.screen640x640screen322x572

I hope these tips inspire and motivate you to learn Korean. Just imagine the satisfaction of being able to communicate with your Korean friends in Korean, watch kdramas without subtitles, read tweets and instagram posts from your favorite celebrities, and maybe even visit Korea without needing a translator every step of the way! Good luck and fighting!

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    Ulf Johnsen 2 years ago

    I Think Talk to me in Korean is best on their website, where their actual material for beginners of Korean is available. The YouTube channel is mostly just an addition to this.

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