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안녕하세요~Hello everyone I’m Vanessa. As a kpop fan for quite some time I’ve of course grown to love the language. I actually never officially dedicated any time learning it until October 2015. It has been a struggle self teaching myself through just apps and YouTube videos but I feel I’m getting better the more I practice. And not just because of the great resources I have but also because of the confidence I have developed over these past several months. Confidence is the key to not only learning a language but also for anything you want to succeed in. With that being said I’d like to share some tips on how to stay confident when learning Korean!

  • TIP 1: Constantly Remind Yourself Why You’re Learning Korean

Why are you doing this? To understand your favorite kpop artists’ lyrics? To impress others of your knowledge to speak another language? Are you learning Korean just because? Whatever the reason, I think it’s important to establish a meaningful reason on why you’re learning Korean. For me it’s not only because of my unhealthy obsession with kpop but also because I plan on visiting South Korea one day to explore the beautiful country and see the history it has to tell!

  • TIP 2: Learn in an Interesting Way

Textbooks can be boring and sometimes unhelpful which can discourage people from continuing on with the language they’re trying to learn. But if you provide yourself with more interesting and free alternatives it will get you more engrossed in your lesson. For example, YouTube videos are definitely ways to make your Korean lessons more interesting. Some good YouTubers who I recommend: KoreanUnnie of course, KoreaFever, sweetandtastyTv, and many more! All of those YouTube accounts I mentioned always manage to make their lessons and videos fun and easy to understand. Also, downloading apps can be a great thing to do as well. :)

  • TIP 3: Learn Something New Everyday

Learn a new phrase, learn how to say your favorite color, learn Korean holidays or learn about the history of South Korea, learn anything as long as you’re being consistent! The more you learn the better chance you will have at getting better. And the better you get, the more confident you will become when learning Korean. Even if you only learn one vocabulary word that’s better than not learning anything at all.

These three detailed tips may help some of you and motivate you; for others not so much. But nonetheless I hope you all gained one thing from this post: BE CONFIDENT. Thank you all for reading and good luck. 화이팅! ❁

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  1. Valerie 2 years ago

    This is so inspiring. Your tips make me want to start learning Italian! Great job staying motivated.

  2. Mela 2 years ago

    Love your article ! Keep up the good work

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