Be a Writer in!



Are you passionate about writing?

Do you like expressing your thoughts, sharing your experiences and knowledge?

Then be a writer in !

You don’t need to be a professional writer, it is enough if you are able to express your ideas in English or Korean.

Grammar mistakes are fine, that is why we are a community!

To help each other!





If you become a writer in, you will be given an authority to make posts on the “blog” section of the website. Also, Koreajoah will share your post on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You will be given your own category as a writer, and you can write whatever you want! (Well not whatever…but you know what I mean ㅋㅋ)


Comment below and tell me what you want to write about. Choose your category name.

If you want to discuss privately, send me a message!

When you tell me that you want to be a writer and choose a category name, I will ask you to send me a sample blog post, so we can see if you can be a qualified writer of Koreajoah.

When your sample post is reviewed, we will give you feedback and decide whether or not you will be a writer.


Thank you for reading KoreaJoahns,  all of you are potential writers! :)


Be creative!


그럼 안녕 ~~~



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