How Kdramas Have Inspired Me

One fateful afternoon, I was scrolling through my Tumblr dash…

I came upon a super relatable screenshot from the ongoing kdrama (at the time) “The Heirs.”

Curious, I googled what this show was and where I could watch it. I clicked on the first episode and the next thing I remember I was on the 7th episode and my mom was calling me down for dinner. From then on I was hooked. Lucky for me, I was on winter break then so I had a full 2 weeks of bliss to binge watch as many episodes as I wanted. But also unlucky for me, my high school had 1st-semester finals AFTER winter break. And you guessed it, I did not study one bit over break. So my grades did not do so well as you may have suspected…teehee. But that was back in sophomore year.

Now I’m nearing the end of my senior year of high school and I’ve learned how to manage my time better to fit in both studying and binge watching. I’ve also accepted that dark circles are just going to be a permanent feature of my face. Oh well. Pandas are cute, right??

I loved Kim Seul Gi after watching her in Flower Boys Next Door. She was amazing in Oh My Ghostess Too!

I loved Kim Seul Gi after watching her in Flower Boys Next Door. She was amazing in Oh My Ghostess too!

After having watched 20+ dramas and counting, I realized that I had actually been picking up on some Korean. I was shocked. English is my native language because I was born and raised in America, but I also learned Chinese because I went to Chinese school every weekend throughout my entire childhood. I didn’t know that I could pick up on language so easily by doing something so fun. Now knowing this, I’ve decided to start to properly learn Korean.

Now knowing this, I’ve decided to start to properly learn Korean. My dream is to be able to watch kdramas without having to rely on subtitles. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m sure with a lot of practice, diligence, and more tv-watching I can achieve it! So far, I’ve been using two books that are free to download online: Korean From Zero and My Korean 1. Both of these you can save onto your phone, on iBooks if you have an iPhone, and carry it around so whenever you have spare time you can learn ^_^

Although I struggled a lot in the beginning with time management, I’m so glad and grateful I came across that Tumblr post on that fateful day. Without it, I wouldn’t have cried so many tears over the heartbreaking fate of second lead syndrome and all the other wonders that come with watching Korean dramas. Also, I would not have been introduced to such a cool culture like Korea and gotten the motivation to expand my knowledge.

What got you interested in Korea and it’s culture? Feel free to share in the comments below :)

And if you have any drama recommendations, I welcome them with open arms (can’t say open eyes because of the very few hours of sleep I get xD)

Disclaimer: I know Korea isn’t how the dramas depict it, with perfect men everywhere waiting to be your prince charming (though wouldn’t that be nice?). Don’t worry. I’m not blindly obsessed with it, haha. Korea is just like every other country, with it’s good and it’s bad. But it’s not bad to open your horizons and want to learn more about a new place and culture.

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  1. Emily 2 years ago

    As a hopeless romantic, korean dramas are literally my life omfg. My favorite dramas are Pinocchio, Healer, and Secret Garden :)

    • Profile photo of Jessy Feng Author
      Jessy Feng 2 years ago

      Same girl, same. I LOVED PINOCCHIO SO MUCH IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITES OF ALL TIMES. Secret Garden made me fall in love with Hyun Bin, have you seen him in Hyde, Jekyll & Me?? I will definitely check out Healer, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it!

  2. Rachelle 1 year ago

    Thanks for recommending those books, I’ve been wanting to learn korean but my school doesn’t offer it as a foreign language :(

  3. Jennifer 1 year ago

    This was such a cute post!! Yesssss, Kim Seul Gi is so amazing. Did you see her in Splash Splash LOVE? It’s the same for me, but with Mandarin. Actually, I went to classes as a kid but everyone there was really snobby and I felt discourage, so dramas are definitely a win-win for learning the language while fangirling. Do you watch TW and C-Dramas too?

    • Profile photo of Jessy Feng Author
      Jessy Feng 1 year ago

      Yesss, Kim Seul Gi’s one of my favorite actresses. I wanted Splash Splash Love to be a full drama so badly omfg, it’s SUCH A GOOD DRAMA <3 I'm actually Chinese, so if you ever want help or someone to practice Mandarin with you can talk to me! I'm currently watching Bromance (which is a TW drama) and Love Me if You Dare (which is a Cdrama). I HIGHLY recommend Love Me if You Dare if you haven't already watched it, the main couple is so adorable and the plot twists in the show are on another level. It's a mystery drama but it's not super gruesome or scary xD Do you know any other good tw or cdramas? I haven't really seen a lot of them because most of them I found to be too cheesy lol.

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  5. Profile photo of KoreanUnnie
    KoreanUnnie 1 year ago

    Congratulations for being one of the winners of the Koreajoah giveaway! <3 I have sent you a message, please check it out!

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