Indonesia & Korea (4) — Hangul used in Indonesia

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As Korean unnie mentioned, King Sejong invented Hangul system. Now, Korean still use this writing system.

First time I study Korean, I felt like What is Korean like? Oh..어려워요 and 공부하기가 지루해요, but after online learning from Korean Unnie and ….etc. Then, Now, I love Korean more….한국어 배우기가 쉬워요.

I myself also agree with 3 learning tips from Vanessa.

The most important thing when learning Korean, I think we should follow this Korean proverbs:

1. 실패는 성공의 어머니. Failure teaches success.

2. 털어서 먼지 안 나는 사람 없다. No one is perfect

3. 고생 끝에 낙이 온다. Then, Happy ever after

For their meanings, I hope Sohyun can give us examples.

Can Hangul be applied for us, Indonesian too?
Yes, of course. Check out these photos and videos

Hangul in Cia Cia secondary school and street names. Can you read them?
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1. Cia Cia is visiting Seoul.

2. Cia Cia learning Hangul. WOW!

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