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Okay so my first blog was about me just being determine to learn Korean and move there. But this blog is going to be about my love for Korean cuisine. Okay so first of all I love food. I am currently going to a high school that teaches me the basic of culinary arts and I love every minute of it…. Well besides the yelling and screaming from my teachers and annoying classmates…. ANYWAY! I use a lot of Korean spices and cooking techniques when ever we have a project to do and I get an “A” every time.

So we had this lesson on fermented foods and how good they are for you. And we were asked to name some. I was the only person to shout out “KIMCHI!!” Everyone was like what the heck is a kimchi. So instead trying to explain it to them I brought my jar of kimchi I had made- since kimchi is a part of my diet- and shared with the whole class.

I visit my local Korean market so much that everyone knows my face and what exactly I want whenever I go there. Once I tasted the Korean chili paste ⊙_⊙⊙_⊙ good God did I eat too much. After I got over the burning of my tongue I began to use it in a lot of homemade sauces and in marinates for a lot of meat.

I love the large selection of vegetables you get as side dishes when you have a traditional Korean meal. Eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, SQUID! You name it! I have never had squid before and when I did I absolutely love it. My mom… not so much.

I really enjoy the strong favors of Korean foods and how savory, sweet, bitter, and salty they can all be at the same time. So I advice you to try Korean cuisine no matter how it looks or what’s in it…. Well unless your allergic to it then stay far away as possible.

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    Louise 2 years ago

    Oh hey, I recall seeing you on YouTube! Did you ask about your name in hangeul? Either way, your name is really pretty. ^-^

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