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In this video, you will learn Korean words and phrases related to occupations.


First, Let’s learn the Korean vocabulary for occupations. Of course there are various occupations in this world, and I can’t list all of them, so if there’s any occupation title you’d like to know in Korean that I haven’t mentioned, comment below and I’ll answer them.


Vocabulary: Job Titles


accountant 회계사

actor/actress 배우

athlete 운동선수

bank clerk 은행원

businessman 사업가

chef 요리사

company employee 회사원

doctor 의사

fire fighter 소방관

hairdresser 미용사

housewife 주부

interpreter 통역사

lawyer 변호사

mail carrier 우체부

military personel 군인

model 모델

nurse 간호사

police 경찰

professor 교수

researcher 연구원

reporter 기자

scientist 과학자

singer 가수

student 학생

taxi driver 택시기사

technician 기술자

translator 번역가

teacher 선생님


  • Note that in 선생님, 님 is honorific. 님 is attached to many jobs and titles to indicate respect. For example, the president of a company is called 사장님
  • Also, note that ‘-사’ and ‘-가’ is a Sino-Korean particle that means ‘someone who does something’ and usually it refers to a job when you see this particle at the end.




What is your job? 직업이 뭐예요?

  • 직업 job / occupation
  • 뭐예요 what is


Where do you work? 어디서 일하세요?

  • 어디서 where
  • 일하세요 do you work

I am a ____. 저는 ___예요.

  • I am a doctor. 저는 의사예요.
  • I am a teacher.  저는 선생님이에요.
  • I am a student.  저는 학생이에요.



안녕하세요. 직업이 뭐예요?

안녕하세요. 저는 한국어 선생님이에요.




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