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Learn Korean- Places


안녕하세요! Welcome to Korean Unnie’s channel that makes learning Korean fun and exciting! Today let’s learn Korean words and phrases related to places.


The Korean phrase we are going to learn today is “Where are you going?” in both informal and formal ways. We will also learn Korean vocabulary for places, such as hospital, school, bank, restaurant and etcetera.



Where are you going? 어디가?

Koreans often say this phrase instead of saying hello when they meet someone they are already familiar with. So when you come across your classmate in the school campus or maybe on a random street, you’d say 어 어디가 instead of 안녕 (ugh. It’s kind of unnatural to say 안녕 everytime you see a person).

어디가? Is obiviously an informal form of “Where are you going?’ if you want to make it formal or corteous, say 어디가세요? This phrase you would say to people older than you or who you are not familiar with.


Now that we know how to say “Where are you going” in Korean, we gotta learn Korean vocabulary for places. Are you ready? Let’s start!



Airport 공항

Bank 은행

Bookstore 서점

Classroom 교실

Café 카페

Company 회사

Convenience store 편의점

Department store 백화점

Dorm 기숙사

Gas station 주유소

Gym 체육관

Hospital 병원

House 집

Library 도서관

Market 시장

Park 공원

Parking lot 주차장

Pharmacy 약국

Post office 우체국

Restaurant 식당

Restroom 화장실

School 학교


Memorizing vocabulary is a crucial part in learning a language, so try to memorize the list I showed you. If there are any place names that you would like to know that I haven’t mentioned, ask me through comment section and I will give you the answer.



어. (안녕-손만) 어디가?




어! (꾸벅) 어디가세요?

시장에 가요


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