Learn Korean IDIOM: What does “눈이 높다 (Eyes are High)” mean???

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Korean Idiom – [눈이 높다] Eyes are high

안녕하세요 한국어를 쉽고 재미있게 만드는 한국언니예요. Hello this is Korean Unnie that makes learning Korean fun and easy.

In this episode of Korean Unnie, you will learn another Korean idiom.
Idioms don’t not always make sense when you translate it literally so it is important to memorize them.

The idiom we are going to learn today is 눈이 높다.
눈 이 높 다 눈이 높다

눈 means eyes
이 is a subject particle
높다 means high

So literally 눈이 높다 means ‘Eyes are high’

Do you think you can guess what it means?
Let’s look at the example dialogue to figure out what it means.

A: 쏘냐 씨 동생은 여자친구 없어요?
B: 네, 동생이 눈이 높아요.
A: 정말요? 쏘냐씨 동생에게 남자친구를 소개해 주고 싶어요.
B: 어떤 사람이에요?
A: 제 친구인데 잘생기고 똑똑하고 성격도 좋아요.
B: 아 그래요? 지금 누나한테 전화할게요.

동생이 눈이 높아요.
동생이 눈이 높아요.
동생이 눈이 높아요.

Sonya said her younger brother’s “eyes are high”.
But that doesn’t actually mean her brother’s eyes are high up there, it means her brother has a high standard.

눈이 높다 to have a high standard
눈 이 높 다 눈이높다 to have a high standard
저는 눈이 높아요. I have a high standard.

You can say 눈이 낮다 to describe someone with a low standard.
눈이 낮다 to have a low standard
샐리는 눈이 낮아요. Sally has a low standard.

눈이 높다
눈이 낮다

In this episode of Korean Unnie you learned some Korean idioms that are used a lot. It is important to learn and memorize these kinds of idioms because you might not be able to guess the meaning buy just literally looking at the idioms.

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Then see you next time with another informative Korean video.
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