Welcome to KoreaJoah.com!

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Welcome to KoreaJoah.com!

KoreaJoah.com is the No.1 Community Website for Korea Lovers.

You can have your own account, make friends, and build groups and forums of your interest!

You can log in through Facebook, or you can directly register to the website.

After you log in through Facebook, you will be asked to give three information: Which country you are from, what age group you are in, and which gender group you are in. This will be useful when members want to search people with same interest.

When you are done with registering, you can see your account information from My Account > My Page.
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You can change your profile photo, cover photo, and make some basic posts!

Feel free to introduce yourself and make friends!


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Check out the recent activities of your friends from Community>Activity, check out who’s online!


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You can check all of the members in Community>Members.


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Also, check the ongoing group activity from Community>Groups!

You can also create your own group of interest.

For example, if you are an ARMY, you can make a ARMY group.

If you are an IKONIC, you can make an IKONIC group.

If you are interested in Korean history, make a Korean history group!

Be creative! :)


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On Blog section, you can see important announcements, and updates on Korean Unnie’s Korean videos.

Korean Unnie will also share information that can’t be found in Youtube.

If you want to be an author of koreajoah.com, request being an author by commenting below! We will send you a message.


Thank you for becoming a Koreajoahn, and let’s build a strong and healthy community together! :)

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