What I like the most about Korea




What I like the most about Korea 

Well its hard to pick because there are many so i’ll just try to name them.

Korean music (known as kpop) : Their music is amazing and they dance AND sing at the same time! That’s really cool! And the lyrics of the songs are in Korean so that’s cool too!

Food :

Korean food looks really amazing!! I mean i haven’t really eaten it but it does look tasty and i’m sure it is!

Culture :

Well in other places people don’t bow and be like that polite, but in Korea do and they have a politer speech way too like there is 안녕 and 안녕하세요.

Korean dramas :

Korean dramas(kdramas) are so awsome!! I love to watch them a lot, their plots are amazing but so diffrent from American or English dramas. And they help me kind of learn Korean too.



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