Hello! This is Korean Unnie.





This is Korean Unnie.

Introducing myself is always an awkward thing to do. :(

Let me keep it simple.

I am Korean and I teach Korean on Youtube.

This is my channel.


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Just search “Korean Unnie” on Youtube and you will be able to find it!

I make my videos all by myself. I write my own scripts, film the videos myself, and edit them myself.

It takes quite a lot of time and effort, but I enjoy doing it!

The reason why I made this channel is simple.

When I was growing up learning English, I always wanted to have a English speaking friend that I can share the simplest things together in English. That’s why I always searched for pen pal. (At that time the technology was not as developed…)

I don’t think learning a language is just about the language itself.

It’s also about the country, the culture, and the people that use the language.

I wanted to be that person for people who are learning Korean, an available online “pen pal” for people who is learning Korean.

So here I am!




I will share the process of me making my videos here, and some extra information on Korean language that I was unable to share in my videos.

I hope to see you more!


If you are interested, these are my channel playlists.


Playlist 1: Learn Korean fun, fast and easy!


Playlist 2: Korean Unnie Full Playlist! 


Playlist 3: Korean Unnie’s Korean Children Songs


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  1. Profile photo of KoreanUnnie Author
    KoreanUnnie 2 years ago

    Thank you for reading!
    Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions :)

  2. Profile photo of Noor AlHashimi
    Noor AlHashimi 2 years ago

    I don’t have questions or suggestions at this moment, but I wanted to congratulate you for finally putting your website in action. And thanks for helping us with learning Korean and knowing more about Korea ❤

  3. RomYeol 2 years ago

    please can you watch this and tell me what do you think about it?
    and this plaese

  4. Profile photo of Chaimae
    Chaimae 2 years ago

    I really appreciate your work. Fighting korean unnie ^^

  5. Profile photo of Fernando Verano
    Fernando Verano 2 years ago

    thank you for your hard work, it really helps.

  6. Profile photo of Renato Carozzi
    Renato Carozzi 2 years ago

    Thank you K Unnie for making this site. It’s always nice to see your videos and to learn a bit more of korean through you!
    I have a qurstion: when I filled the registration in the country section…I didn’t find mine. There’s no Italy! I would like to share my country with members of koreajoah. . It would be great if the issue could be fixed.
    Be fine. Till soon ^.^

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