You’ll get there

Learning a new language is fun but it’s not easy, so to speak. Learning the characters they use to write, memorizing thousands of words, studying grammar rules, mastering pronunciation — just by hearing these things will probably discourage you.

We all have experienced a time in our life that we wanted to give up on doing all the things required to speak our second language fluently. An experience that made me feel like giving up was everyone around me kept on questioning ‘why on earth are you studying this language?’. Hearing these things made me feel like I’m really never gonna be able to speak Korean fluently. To me, it’s like they’re saying ‘Why are you doing this when you’re never gonna be fluent?

But one day, I realised that being affected by these things are the ones that’s keeping me away from my goal. So, I decided to not mind it and stay on the track of language learning.

It’s perfectly fine to feel discourage sometimes but whenever you do, remind yourself that you have a goal. Visualize all the things that could possibly happen to you when you’ve already reached your goal. Our motivation is what determines our success or failure.

It wasn’t, it isn’t, and it will never be easy but don’t lose hope, stay motivated ’cause you’ll get there.

P.S. I just want to share my favorite Korean proverb.

P.P.S. Excuse my handwriting.

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  1. Profile photo of Noor AlHashimi
    Noor AlHashimi 2 years ago

    ‘why on earth are you studying this language?’. I hear this alot and really hate it :(

    • Profile photo of KoreanUnnie
      KoreanUnnie 2 years ago

      :( You learn it because you have passion. It’s none of their business!!!

      • Profile photo of Noor AlHashimi
        Noor AlHashimi 2 years ago

        Ikr? and they annoy me even more when I say I’m learning Korean cuz I wanna live there !!! they say that I should stop daydreaming and go back to reality :(

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